Youtube Blocked Inward Pakistan

Recently the close pop video sharing website owned yesteryear Google YouTube Blocked In PakistanRecently the close pop video sharing website owned yesteryear Google, was banned inwards Islamic Republic of Pakistan due to some anti-Islamic movies posted yesteryear some users. This motion yesteryear the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has taken aback everyone. Though exact content was non mentioned exactly officials said the ban was specifically due to an anti-Quran painting displaying the organized religious belief equally provoking violence inwards women as well as homosexuals.

According to Darren Waters (editor at BBC engineering scientific discipline news), the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Telecom hijacked the server of to forestall citizens of Islamic Republic of Pakistan from visiting the website. As shortly equally the details of the hijack were leaked into the meshing from PCCW, YouTube was mistakenly blocked yesteryear meshing service providers around the world.

Pakistan officials said the ban would move removed if YouTube removes the objectionable content. This is non the laid out fourth dimension a Earth has banned YouTube. Before likewise many countries similar Turkey as well as Thailand cause got banned the site for displaying objectionable content.

[via BBC News]

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